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Hello friends. My adventure last week has gotten me thinking. I will share a bit about the adventure as soon as I make the time to write it. In the meantime, I have started a bucket list. I know it’s trite, but hear me out.

I had so much fun in Cabo and did so many amazing things, that I cannot wait to get back out there and discover some more. While I was scratching my head and trying to decide where to go (it’s a touch overwhelming when you have so many options), I realized that it would be really useful to have a short list of places to see, things to do, and the like.

On my previous shortlist, I had only three trips – Brussels (beer cap of the world, natch), Ireland (my heritage) and Australia (so I can yell like Oprah – “YOU ARE GOING TO AUSTRALIA,” plus other reasons). Well, none of those trips is in the cards for the near future. So, I decided that I need a bigger list. More options. Everyone likes options, right?

The other cool thing about doing the official bucket list – and I do mean official, I might have mine laminated once completed – is that you can think about all of the things you have already done. Then, you can either pat yourself on the back because you are living life, or you can give yourself a swift kick in the arse and get to it.

I am working on mine, trite or not. First on the list, find a mermaid. Heh.


Thanks to wallpaperstock.net for the image.

Can you all share one thing that is or would be on yours?


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35 responses to “Bucket List

  • lkallmeyer

    I just recently posed my travel bucket list on my blog! One of mine is to go on an African Safari. So many wonderful things to do and see in this world 🙂


    • Fabulous Mommy

      I can definitely recommend an African Safari, being from South Africa and all. My best Africa trip ever was 10 day camping in the Okavango Delta in Botswana. Amazing. Also the wild animals in Africa are really wild, and big. There is so much open space where people haven’t interfered too much. My nr 1 trip on my bucketlist is an Antarctic cruise. Would love to do it. My wife looks at me as if I’m a bit mad when I talk about it.


      • Butch Jaxon

        Beth, cruises = good. Cruises to otherwise obscure or impenetrable places in the world = even better. I really want to go on safari in Africa. Any chance for details about your camping trip? Perhaps a post? Sounds scary – I have images of lions batting at my tent…



      • Fabulous Mommy

        Sure i’ll write it up soon. And yes one night we did wake up to a pride of lions a few hundred metres from our tent. Lol!

        Botswana is wild, if that is too much for you there are slightly more tame experiences to be had in South Africa.


      • Butch Jaxon

        Hey! Who said anything about needing tame? I’m butch, remember? As long as I have a guide and a rifle (Heaven forbid my actions would endanger a wild creature ), I’m in.


      • Fabulous Mommy

        We didn’t have a guide (other than my father-in-law who hoe twice a year) or a rifle. We were just one vehicle and 4 people camping at places where elephants, hippos, hyena and lions wandered around our tents. There are no shops, no phones and sometime even no roads. You take all your food and water with you. It is bliss if you love the outdoors and are an experienced camper.


      • Butch Jaxon

        Wow! I’m not sure I’m quite that adventurous.


      • Fabulous Mommy

        Ah Butch, it’s not that scary. Although I did find it a little overwhelm the first two days. It really is the adventure of a lifetime. There are lots of tour and safari companies that do packages that are a bit more structured and take a little of the fear of the unknown away. There is an experience for every person’s comfort level.


    • Butch Jaxon

      Ikallmeyer, I so agree with you. I enjoyed your post too! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.



  • Bejai

    Hi Butch Australia is on mine too! As is Ireland, because I’m mostly Irish (at least in temper). Bucket lists are grand ways to give purpose to a life that otherwise might be completely consumed with day-to-day shit. Its important to notice and plan. Bucket lists help with that.


  • Rita Melaniphy

    Love your Bucket List ideas !!!! And the Mermaid 🙂 And, as always, your missives are amazing…please keep them coming, you make me smile Rita ________________________________


    • Butch Jaxon

      Rita, I’m so (really) happy to hear that I make you smile. That’s really the point of this little blog of mine. And, mermaids rule! At least the kind in my head do – like in this picture – rather than the luring-sailors-to-their-deaths kind. Not as interested in those mermaids.



  • Kelly

    Hey Butch,

    Dude, get a net. For your mermaid. I caught me a mermaid…..she is AMAZING. They like a little pursuit cuz they’re feisty and wanna see what you are made of….

    As for my bucket list…..still savoring above mentioned mermaid….


  • ambershockley

    I want to take a Literature Tour of the East Coast. I AM that nerd femme. I want to visit authors’ homes (the ones that are dead and have had their homes turned into visitable sites and/or museums, or live ones who otherwise invite guests into their homes) and other literary locations of note. I’m particularly interested in Mark Twain, Emily Dickinson and Edgar Allan Poe’s old haunting grounds.
    Also, I want to attend a monster truck rally.


  • Alice

    On my list…
    Spend the night on the beach my butch and a blanket 🙂
    Can you see it? Stars shining overhead, the sound of the waves rolling ashore, the warm breeze…


  • GlitterGirl

    Great topic! My list also includes Australia (and New Zealand!). I’d love to learn to surf too. Not sure what else needs to go on the list but you’ve definitely inspired me to start a new one!


  • Lee Weishar

    You can check it all here: http://leeweishar.com/2012/07/27/my-top-100/

    …but some of the big ones include getting to earning $1 million a year, helping someone someone else do the same, write a book, start a school where we teach kids how to actually be successful and about leadership, spending at least a month in various places… oh and of course I need to go to space 🙂


  • middleagebutch

    Nothing earth shattering … write a book and have it published … go skydiving


  • Vulnerable Verbiage

    I’m staying single for one year simply to accomplish such a list.
    Planning a trip to Vegas in March. Going to Hawaii this year with a friend. New York and various cities in Cali. Travel more. A lot more! I’d love to visit San Fran again! But, saving this year for new places! 🙂

    Butch, I’m noticing a fondness for lists after the last couple of posts. I see notebook papers scattered throughout your place at the moment. LOL! Just teasing 😉


  • Melissa Stevens

    One thing from my bucket list. That’s easy sonce there is only one thing on it. Become a full time woman.


  • A Spare Mind

    One entry on my list was hikes along the Great Wall of China. I sit here typing this (and reading your entire blog) from Beijing. So, one hike along a touristy bit of The Wall accessible in the timeframe of a tour wouldn’t do so I packed it all in and moved here for a year. I’ve seen some remote and wickedly ancient sections of it.

    I’m also creating a small cell of Chinese children with a Southern drawl.

    This entire adventure is the subject of my blog. I love a bucket list.



    • Butch Jaxon

      A Spare Mind?

      Your travels (and blog) sound amazing. I’m very flattered that you’re enjoying my blog and reading it so fully. Thank you so much!

      I’m going to check yours out. *small village of Chinese children with a southern drawl* how funny!



  • Kimberly

    I love the dream of a Bucket List, and must admit, I’ve always wanted to go to the La Tomatina Festival (the tomato throwing festival) in Spain! How awesome it would be to take “before” photos of our crisp white outfits, and then “after” photos, covered in tomato juices, seeds and smiles!!! I just recently stumbled onto your blog, and must tell you, I absolutely adore it! My fave post so far was your Want Ad. So open and fresh and vulnerable. As a girlie girl femme, that’s what we crave! Every word you said, all of it. I have no doubt you get various offers all the time, and without sounding forward, because I am a Southern Girl at heart, if your travels ever send you to Florida, email me– I’ll buy you a beer! 🙂


    • Butch Jaxon


      I hope you get to your tomato festival in Spain. Barcelona is one of my favorite cities so far, but I’ve also been to Sevilla, Madrid and Sitges. Love Spain.

      And, as for your thoughts on my Want Ad, just … Thank you, beautiful.



  • annelwing

    As always, I loved your blog piece and you made me smile.
    My Bucket List is Tame and Humble – so I will share my two most wanted –
    not necessarily in either order.
    – kayaking – now that I’m ready to trust myself while being turned upside down and freeing myself –
    – see k.d. lang live in concert.


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