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Can Butches Be Moms?

As Mother’s Day approaches, I am left to ponder what it means to be a Mom (capital used here on purpose) and to be a Butch. Some people think these two concepts are anachronous. It always makes me laugh when people are surprised that I am a Mom. Or, I guess it is not that I am a Mom, but that I am the birth Mom of my kids. People have a hard time imagining me as a pregnant woman. Why would a Butch want to have kids? Huh? I’m sorry. Assuming that a Butch identifies as a woman (which is certainly not always the case), why is it that I wouldn’t want to have kids exactly?

Keep reading at Gay-SD.com. They carried this piece and you can find it here. It’s teased on the front page and carried on the back page (page 16). Happy Mothers’ Day!


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