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Bucket List


Hello friends. My adventure last week has gotten me thinking. I will share a bit about the adventure as soon as I make the time to write it. In the meantime, I have started a bucket list. I know it’s trite, but hear me out.

I had so much fun in Cabo and did so many amazing things, that I cannot wait to get back out there and discover some more. While I was scratching my head and trying to decide where to go (it’s a touch overwhelming when you have so many options), I realized that it would be really useful to have a short list of places to see, things to do, and the like.

On my previous shortlist, I had only three trips – Brussels (beer cap of the world, natch), Ireland (my heritage) and Australia (so I can yell like Oprah – “YOU ARE GOING TO AUSTRALIA,” plus other reasons). Well, none of those trips is in the cards for the near future. So, I decided that I need a bigger list. More options. Everyone likes options, right?

The other cool thing about doing the official bucket list – and I do mean official, I might have mine laminated once completed – is that you can think about all of the things you have already done. Then, you can either pat yourself on the back because you are living life, or you can give yourself a swift kick in the arse and get to it.

I am working on mine, trite or not. First on the list, find a mermaid. Heh.


Thanks to wallpaperstock.net for the image.

Can you all share one thing that is or would be on yours?



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